Handpiece Maintenance

MK Dent Premium Service Oil

Handpiece care and maintenance is of paramount importance. More than 70% of handpiece failures are caused by poor maintenance.

Using MK Dent’s Premium Service Oil instead of standard mineral oil will increase the life span of your instruments dramatically, no residue build-up, pleasant spearmint smell, works with any type of handpiece and is economical.

MK Dent Premium Service Oil Offers:

  • £14.40 Per Can

Lubrication adapters

  • KaVo*
  • Sirona*
  • Slow Speed
  • W&H*
  • NSK*


MK Dent W&H Assistina Oil 500ml – ONLY £32.40

NSK Pana Spray Can – £27.20 Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Kavo Spray Can 500ml – ONLY £199 for Pack 6


*KaVo, W&H, Sirona,NSK, Bien Air, Yoshida, Star, Midwest and Castellini are registered trademarks of KaVo Dental Gmbh, W&H Dentalwerk Burmoos Inc, Sirona Dental Systems Gmbh, NSK, BienAir, Yoshida, Dental EZ Group, Midwest and Castellini respectively. MK-Dent & MC-Repairs are in no way affiliated with the above companies.