Team Building – Paintballing

Paintballing May 2015

Sunday 17th May, the MC Repairs and MC Dental team members came together in a team building exercise – paintballing! The weather looked set to hold out so there was to be no excuses.

Some worried faces began to show up in the form of those that hadn’t been paintballing before. Entering the unknown war-zone and about to be subjected to fire from the opposition and sometimes as we found a bit of friendly fire! The teams were divided up so that all partners were against each other to increase the rivalry between teams.

The day began with everyone kitting up so we all looked the part, suddenly we are introduced to the paintball guns and everyone is now Rambo! Over the day 7 games were completed, all the teams showed great team work to pull out the opposition and win games. The day ended with a narrow victory for the blue team and to complete there was a free for all round which let everyone get that last bit of aggression out and to use all their ammunition.

Overall the day was a great success, with very few tears and complaints! Time for food and a pint at the local country pub before heading home and the main topic of conversation was when the next one would be.

Handpiece Maintenance

MK Dent Premium Service Oil

Handpiece care and maintenance is of paramount importance. More than 70% of handpiece failures are caused by poor maintenance.

Using MK Dent’s Premium Service Oil instead of standard mineral oil will increase the life span of your instruments dramatically, no residue build-up, pleasant spearmint smell, works with any type of handpiece and is economical.

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Lubrication adapters

  • KaVo*
  • Sirona*
  • Slow Speed
  • W&H*
  • NSK*


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*KaVo, W&H, Sirona,NSK, Bien Air, Yoshida, Star, Midwest and Castellini are registered trademarks of KaVo Dental Gmbh, W&H Dentalwerk Burmoos Inc, Sirona Dental Systems Gmbh, NSK, BienAir, Yoshida, Dental EZ Group, Midwest and Castellini respectively. MK-Dent & MC-Repairs are in no way affiliated with the above companies.