Meet the team

Carl Wise – Manager/ Managing Director

Carl is the most experienced member of the team having 20 years experience in the dental handpiece repair industry. Whilst he is the manager of the daily business side of things through to business development, his experience and knowledge of handpieces (and the dental industry in general) is essential to everyone at MC.

Carl is a lively individual and a family man, the latter helping to keep his energy levels in check! In his limited spare time he plays badminton, golf, computer games, enjoys keeping fit and watching as much football as time will allow. His team Coventry City are not quite in the best of places at the moment though!

Maddalena Wise – Finance Director


Maddalena (or Madz as she prefers to be known) is responsible for the finance related aspects of MC Repairs. Be it banking, invoicing, account handling, administration and even some HR. Behind the scenes, Madz plays an important role in keeping everything flowing and ensuring the smooth operation of MC Repairs. Her expertise, experience and calm demeanour are always invaluable.

In her spare time, Madz enjoys the Gym, Spa Days, Starbucks and Shopping!

Matthew King – Head Technician

Matt King MC Repairs

Matt is a methodical, dependable individual who thrives on learning. As with all our engineers, training is an ongoing and constant process and Matt has received training from some of the biggest names in the industry.

His primary aims are to ensure the workshop meets its highly focused goals for speed, efficiency and quality of repairs. The customer facing services we offer also fall within his remit and as such he has to ensure all members of the workshop uphold the exceptional standard we aim for at MC Repairs.

In his spare time Matt likes to keep himself busy and constantly seeks to advance his skillsets, as a result he has a substantial list of hobbies including (but not limited to): Astronomy and astrophysics, model-making, PC building, tropical fish keeping, electronics, 3D printing, cooking and guitar building. As if that weren’t enough to keep him busy he is also a season ticket holder at Blackpool FC, something he regrets on a regular basis!

Contact Matthew
E-Mail – repairs@mcrepairs.co.uk
Tel – 01253 404774

Lee Hastie – Handpiece Technician/ Tea-Boy


Lee joined MC Repairs in April 2013 as an apprentice. A year later he fully qualified as a handpiece repair technician. Lee has carved a niche for himself within MC Repairs as a high-speed handpiece technician. Lee is an enthusiastic individual, constantly keen to improve himself. As a result, his skill set is always expanding, making him an ever more valuable member of the team.

In his spare time Lee enjoys sports. Predominantly tennis and football. He’s a big fan of Harry Potter, and to prove his dedication to his favourite magic hero he has had the Deathly Hallows symbol tattooed on his ankle.

Contact Lee
T: 01253 404774
E: repairs@mcrepairs.co.uk

Over 50 years’ combined experience in the dental handpiece repair industry

We offer a reliable, efficient repair service for handpieces, motors, scalers and couplings from all major manufacturers including Bien Air, Anthogyr, Kavo, MK Dent, NSK, Star, Lares, Sirona and W&H. We are extremely competitively priced and confident that you’ll find us to be the best value repair centre in the UK.

We have a Freepost Service and free no obligation quotations on all repairs, so it won’t cost you a penny until the quote is accepted. All repairs are quoted the day they are received and the vast majority are returned within 24 hours of acceptance, so there is no need for the instrument to be away from the surgery a minute longer than necessary.

We only use the highest quality components, including original manufacturers’ components whenever appropriate, with all repairs undertaken to independently verified ISO 9001:2015 standards – your guarantee of quality and reliability.

As well as complete overhauls, we also offer a choice of very competitive Bearing Repair Services enabling practices to extend the operating life of their handpieces whilst lowering the costs. The operator will observe improved performance and quieter operation.

All work carried out carries a warranty ranging from 3 to 12 months and we guarantee all materials and workmanship for the full warranty period.

We also offer practices free technical advice on the care and maintenance of handpieces etc, so that you get a longer working life and more value for money from your handpieces and other similar pieces of equipment.