Maintenance Guide




  • Remove the handpiece from the dirty tray.
  • Ensure all the burs and couplings are removed.

*If using a thermo/washer disinfector, now is the time to place handpieces in. Make sure the handpiece is compatible before doing so and ensure the pH level of the cleaning solution is between 2.5 and 10.5. Always make sure the rinse cycle is activated on every use!*

  • Any debris is to be wiped off using a non-alcoholic disinfectant wipe. DO NOT place the handpiece under or submerge in water and scrub for any reason.
  • You can now dry any excess detergent from the wipes off with a dry tissue.

Lubrication (Dirty)

  • Select the oil can from the DIRTY side with the CORRECT adaptor for
    the handpiece you want to lubricate.
  • Shake the can well before attaching the handpiece and holding securely to the oil adaptor.
  • Spray for 1-2 seconds into a tissue or face downwards into a sink until the oil comes through clear.

*Please note – If oil comes through the handpiece head and has a brown discolouration, continue to spray the handpiece 2 more times until it comes through clear. If it does not come through clear after 3 sprays, send off for a service. This discolouration is due to a rusting issue. If oil comes through the head of the handpiece and has a black discolouration, continue with the remainder of the sterilisation process and send the handpiece for a service before it can be used again.*


  • Place your handpiece in the autoclave ensuring you have selected the correct cycle and you have checked that your autoclave does not surpass 138˚C.

*If a drying cycle is not being used then make sure that the handpieces are removed from the autoclave as soon as the cycle finishes.*

Lubrication (Clean)

  • Wearing new clean gloves, remove the handpieces from the autoclave and select the CLEAN oil can with the CORRECT adaptor.
  • Remove any external moisture using a clean dry tissue.
  • Secure handpiece onto the adaptor and spray for 1-2 seconds or until oil emerges from the head.
  • Once equipment has been oiled and dried externally, package the item and store in a safe place where it cannot be damaged accidentally.

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Please note these are general guidelines as recommended by MC Repairs Ltd. For exact guidelines you should consult handpiece user manuals.

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